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Pharmacy Plus Software blog

Smart & Secure
Management Of Your

Pharmacy plus helps you to manage relatively complex operations like billing adjudications etc. in real-time.

Best suited for all Types of Pharmacy

Standalone Pharmacy

Grow your retail pharmacy business with pharmacyplus software. Optimize your operations and make informed decisions.

Pharmacy Chains

Organize and manage multiple locations with pharmacyplus. Our Headoffice module helps you track multi outlet operations easily.

Pharmacy module

Integrated E-claim Module

Pharmacyplus is integrated with eRx and eClaim as per the DHA’s & HAAD’s eClaim Management System. Pharmacyplus helps its users by facilitating eClaim Submission

Pharmacy plus

How It Works

PHARMACYPLUS® is a powerful software platform that provides enterprise-wide medication management across your entire health system to offer greater inventory control, enhanced workflow efficiency, and improved patient safety.

Quick Search for Items

Items search becomes a toy’s play with wide options in search. You can search based on item code / name / composition / generic / company / group. You can also allocate the rack no and view the stocks in desired way

Interactive & User-friendly

It is a True online application and the moment, when you enter your bill, Sales Register, Stock Book, Daybook, Profit & Loss etc.. all are updated instantly and you can generate required reports.

Pharmaacy Plus and Think POS

Think POS

Think POS Restaurant POS software helps you meet your customers’ needs, from routine requests to unusual orders. Think POS is jam-packed with features to help you increase table turns, deliveries, take-out, and restaurant floor efficiency.

Think ERP

Understanding business characteristics and automating important procedures are critical for improvising and growing a business. You’ll need an ERP system that gives valuable, real-time insights and automates information exchange across departments to make this possible.

Pharmacy plus and Think ERP
Pharmacy plus and Think CRM

Think CRM

Think CRM offers cloud-based and social-media-friendly Customer Relationship Management (CRM), as well as sales force automation (SFA), customer service, and localized functionality.